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We Specialize in... YOU!

Businesses With 1 to 49 Employees

*New business/ No prior coverage - OK

*Non- Renewals/ Gap in coverage- OK

*Height Exposures over 2 stories- OK

*Up to 100% sub exposure- OK

*Prior claims/ High MOD- OK

*Travel exposure- OK

*Multi state exposure- OK


*H2A employees- OK

*High SUTA (state re-employment) rate- OK

Examples of Industries We Help

Armed Security Guards
Artisan Contractors
Assisted Living Facilities
Bridge Construction
Concrete (flatwork)
Framing / Rough Carpentry
General Contractors
Home Health Care
HVAC Contractors
Janitorial/Commercial Cleaning
Lawn Care and Maintenance
Live Stock
Metal Erection
Moving & Storage
Non-Emergency Medical Transport
Pool Remodel / Construction
Property Management
Punch outs
Remodeling Contractors
Road Construction
Sheet Metal Work
Sprinkler Installation
Stone/Granite/Marble Cutting
Tile/ Marble/ Granite Install
Tree Trimming
Trim Carpentry
Trucking (Long and Short Haul) Warehouse
Welding (Structural and Non)
Window Cleaning
Window Installation

Services & Value

Pay as You Go Workers Compensation

Timely Certificates of Insurance (COIs) $1M/$1M/$1M Coverage Multiple A Rated Carriers Added value to your cash flow with pay as you go. - no more big premium down payments. One STOP Shop for your PEO Needs

Complementary Review

Give us the opportunity to review your current payroll and workers comp options and we will provide you solid advice at no obligation to you.
Human Resources Support

Custom Employee Handbook - Protect yourself. Stay up to date on changes and how to handle day to day work issues. Proper employee pay pricing. Competitive advantage in having subject matter expert support and guidance on your side. Don't re-invent the wheel, ask for help

We work for you, not the PEO

We understand the meat and potatoes of your business and match you with the proper PEO for your operations. PEO industry is not a one size fits all, being hard to place or high risk, there are key PEOs that we work with. We work diligently to provide you the best service, rates, and technology. Gain an added layer of support by having us on your side.
Payroll Services

Direct deposit for your Employees. File your 940/941s, & W2s. Payroll is only a portion of your payroll. See and print pay stubs online. Employee access to online portal. Live check delivery.

Enjoy Your Business

We love what we do and it shows. So should you, grow your business, and give us the opportunity to match you with the best PEO fit for you.

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